My 2014 Chicago Craft Beer Week: Part 2 (Lagunitas Beer Circus)


This is the second installment of a three-part series, covering my experience of this year’s Chicago Craft Beer Week. Click here to check out Part 1.

As kids, going to the circus filled our eyes with wondrous, fantastical sights that our minds sometimes could not comprehend. These breathtaking images were seared into our heads for weeks, leaving us in search of answers and a inexplicable desire to return to have our minds blown yet again.

As adults, our intellects may have matured, but we still crave those spectacles that pique our curiosity and force us to question reality vs. make-believe. Having a cold, fresh beer in our hands only magnifies the experience.

Enter Lagunitas and its Beer Circus.

Held over two days, this event gave Chicagoland residents a chance to not only check out the brewery’s new, mind-bogglingly massive facility for the first time but experience firsthand the annual event Californians have been raving about for years. With entertainment and taps both outside and indoors, the Beer Circus spaced itself out nicely, giving guests room to roam and something to grab their attention at every turn.

While the taps weren’t pouring any rare or one-off beers (those will come in time), all of the classic Lagunitas beers were available and tasted fresher than ever. I’m looking forward to their taproom opening in the coming month where good times will be flowing daily.

Since the Beer Circus is all about the sights, what better way to recount the event than with pictures? I’ve broken them into categories.

Fun in the Sun

Hit the Stage

Carnal Carnivale

Setting the Sights

Check out Part 3.

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