The FESTIE Awards are back for
Tribes Beer Fest IV

For the last four years, Tribes Alehouse‘s Beer Fest has been the best little craft beer event no one has known about.

Beer Is Good Not Only for Drinking

I had guests from Germany, and we were having fun around town. As we know, Germans are big fans of beer, and we took a ride on a Chicago beer bus. As we were riding (and drinking), he mentioned something like beer based slots game. I have never heard anything like that before. It sounds impressive, but I didn’t know what that was. Then he pulled out his phone, opened his mobile casino app, and showed what it looks like. I was amazed.

He pulled out his phone, and he was able to play his favorite casino game on-the-go. He explained that beer based slots games are very popular in Germany and every mobile or online casino offers a wide variety of beer slots games. He also points out that they are fun to play, but they give you the opportunity to win a lot of real money, because they have casino bonus for your registration, and they offer weekly and daily jackpots.

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