Dark Lord Day: Aging Like a Fine Russian Imperial Stout


How do you top one of the best annual beer festivals in the country? Ask Three Floyds Brewing, which continues to discover new ways to up the ante on Dark Lord Day year after year. Whether it’s quicker lines, better scheduling or an improved layout, they’ve been experts in identifying the fest’s shortcomings and remedy them for the following year.

In spite of any possible hindrance, though, when one is within the confines of Dark Lord Day, an inexplicable vibe of gratitude, generosity and fondness for humankind envelops you, resulting in an unforgettable (and sometimes forgettable) day you’ll cherish forever.

For my full review of this year’s Dark Lord Day, check out my post on AmericanCraftBeer.com.
Or just check out the gallery below for a quick experience of the day.

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