Grape & Grain Co. lets you drink it “your way”


One of the best things in life is having choices. Which toppings do I put on my pizza? Where should I go for vacation? Which color should I choose for my new car? Which hotel should I book in Vegas? Grape & Grain Co. (18031 Dixie Hwy in Homewood, IL) extends this same benefit to its customers who come in to buy beer and wine. Whereas most liquor store cashiers throw your purchase in a bag and wave goodbye (actually most don’t even bother to make eye contact), Grape & Grain takes more of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” approach with its sales.

Path #1
Choose from Grape & Grain’s vast selection of craft beer bombers and six-packs — from the fridge or shelf — and go on your merry way. You can even create your mix-and-match six-pack. The store does a great job in getting the latest local releases (Pipeworks, Lake Effect, Revolution), and favorites from across the country and around the world.

Path #2
Grape & Grain has a huge, inviting bar right next to its beer and wine selection that makes you wish you could stay, get comfortable and enjoy your new purchases right there. Well consider your wish granted. Pick out your bomber or bottle from the fridge (the law prohibits them from breaking up a 6-pack), and the friendly staff will take it from there. Most nights there’s something fun going on to entertain you as well, including TVs to watch the game, trivia, live music, free tastings or beer-related seminars from local experts.

Path #3
In the mood for a freshly poured draft? Grape & Grain can help you with that too. With eight taps, the bar strives to offer a nice mix of local and not-so-local breweries as well as a variety of beer styles.

Path #4
If you’re more of a DIY person, Grape & Grain carries a moderate amount of essential beer and winemaking equipment and supplies.

Which path will you take?


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