Micro Breweries in Las Vegas Casinos

When God created the world, he must have kept the recipe of beer to himself, knowing how lovingly intoxicating it could be. Satan must have stolen the recipe and gave it away to men to indulge them into more and more pleasure. Well, this is my own theory made in my own head. But come to think of it, it may not be so improbable, given the love that beer can inspire. And if this theory goes true, then the owners of the best microbrewery in Las Vegas may be the ones whom Satan preferred handing over the recipe to microbrew.The casino industry of las vegas have made the best of this microbrewery in Las Vegas along with the best casinos of Las Vegas.

Micro Breweries in Las Vegas Casinos

The idea behind the microbrewery in Las Vegas is to provide the best quality beer that they microbrew to their customers while they can indulge in the best casino games and table games like poker, blackjack or slot machines. Here are some of the best microbreweries of las vegas that you can try one at a time.

  1. Triple 7 restaurant and brewery: it is an award-winning microbrew of las vegas. You can get the pale ale and 5oz drafts for only $5.50. it also offers great starters.
  2. Banger brewing: the microbrews are called the best in las vegas for the process it involves and has a large selection to choose from
  3. Atomic liquors: this is a great place for exclusive microbrews like beer, whiskey, ale and many more.
  4. Hop nuts brewing: with great ambiance and friendly staffs the microbrews get an enhanced flavor.
  5. Ellis island casino and brewery: this place is a great and pocket-friendly place that serves great food along with the microbrew

Try Your Luck with Huge Slots Jackpots while Enjoying the Great Atmosphere

The casinos of Las Vegas that own the microbreweries offer slots with big progressive jackpot prizes that can change your life. These casinos have a unique warm atmosphere that is unmatchable with any other casino around the world. In these casinos one can enjoy playing their favorite casino games like poker, blackjack, and slot games to win real money.


Karaoke Nights, Best Beer & Food and Chance to Get Rich!!!

Every day in the casinos of Las Vegas is like a festival in itself. The merry environment all around does not wait for a Christmas or a new year to come. These casinos are a symbol of an American dream which every American has once dreamt in his lifetime. Not only youth but even the elderlies imagine a lot about the fun nights that can be spent in Las Vegas. There are so many elements that can keep you engaged throughout the night that you will run out of time but not run out of items that can be enjoyed in this permanent mega fair of las vegas. So cheers to the party and long live the casinos of Las Vegas.